Cost of Group abd Individual Psychotherapy During AcuDestress 

Our goal is to produce a widely available schedule of programs at the lowest possible - cost  -  providing effective hands-on treatment with no more than a 60 day waiting period. Hands-on services (actual appointments and actual groups patients can attend for mental and emotional problems (stress management) are not widely available in the community-at-large, as a too small list of providers are kept busy - but we address this as best we can, reducing waiting time by having office personnel who can cut through red tape - but most of all operate through the highly efficient use of group treatment - and the almost universal use of telemedicine to provide services - as our sole way of providing services. 

Because provincial health care coverage pays for our initial intake visits (this is not completely the case with the Régie de l’assurance maladie de Québec who reimburse  Québec residents who pay for their services in advance up to 90% of the Ontario fee schedule) we can usually see new patients within a two week window. To do this, though, we need patients to do their part too, filling in forms we require in a timely way, or making what financial arrangements are needed without undue delay. 

A large number of people in Ottawa-Gatineau have insurance that covers the acupuncture portion of our fee because of the supplemental health care plan of the federal government and high tech companies, among others. Others pay their own fees. 

At the other end of the spectrum, some of our patients qualify for attendance based only on having OHIP, and others qualify for fee reductions. Because of the great variety of options with regards to costs and fees, may we suggest that you read this page carefully, and if you still have questions that you call us and talk to us about your particular situation. Fee-paying patients may request a post-dated cheque plan. 

We’ll do the best  for you we can.  

Call:    613-319-6750
11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Call during this time frame until you get a live operator as we find that returning phone calls, responding to voicemail messages is both time-consuming and result-delaying, a frustration for all concerned... 

We accept major credit cards....  

Health Care Workers Exemption
Health care professionals and those who work in health care facilities are exempted from fees, for a reason which begs explanation. 

The “off the beaten path” nature of the program requires that it to be explained to potential attendees by someone who has fully experienced it themselves. If it interests you as a person who might send others, your next step is to experience it.  

Reviewing Acudestress after your initial session
If suggested by Dr Bailey at your out-take session, you may be admitted for a second session (15% of clients repeat the program at some time.) This ay occur because your problem is sufficiently complex that it requires two courses f acupuncture. If at any time you’d like to make a case for returning you must speak to Dr. Bailey usually during an individual psychotherapy session like your intake or out-take sessions. If you paid $450 to attend, your fee will be lowered to $225. If insured, your insurance-covered fee will be the sane $720. You must check with your insurer (even Sun LIfe) to make sure you will be covered .

Cost of Acupuncture During AcuDestress

Dr. Michael O. Smith’s 5-point ear acupuncture was  rendered  official in 2014 in Ontario in the Ministry of Health’s Bill 50 (The Traditional Chinese Medicine Act.)

At the time. OHIP paid for treatment but only at the Toronto General Hospital, the Toronto Western Hospital and St. Joseph’s Hospital in Toronto, as pilot projects. Since that time, other hospitals have arranged for paid coverage, mostly for inpatients (including Ottawa’s Montfort Hospital.) Outpatient treatment in Ontario is otherwise provided at a cost when provided by technicians certified by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association which is headquartered in the United States.

COSTS (2018)

Clients insured for acupuncture services $ 720

We provide 18 treatments, at $40 per treatment for clients who are covered by employer-provided supplemental health plans. Each employer negotiates their own plan with an insurer, such that every plan is different. Most but not all supplemental health care plans cover acupuncture, some have a dollar limit, and some plans even exclude doctors. The only one we can vouch for is the Canadian Government Employee Plan administered by Sun Life, which covers all active and retired permanent federal civil servants and their families. Other  than this specific plan, you must check, asking whether coverage is provided for services provided by  a physician acupuncturist. We are not licenced as acupuncturists but as physicians (My physician CPSO number is 21879.

Clients NOT insured for acupuncture services  $450

If you are not insured and are not exempted on the basis of being a client of an Ottawa (or district) Community Health Centre (CHC) like South East Ottawa Community Heath Centre the fee is $30 per treatment. If you are unable to pay this fee in one payment we can arrange for payment by post-
dated cheques. You may also pay by credit card, debit card, electronic transfer or Pay Pal. Please ask us. Payment s due on the first day of the program but will be refunded if you decide for whatever reason, not to continue after the first week of the session. Ask Rita.

Exemptions: Clients of Southeast   fees waived

Ottawa and the other 10 Community

Health Centre patients and people

on ODSP. A minority of clients of

Community Health Centres have

insurance coverage as employees or

retired employees. In this case they

will pay the amount they receive for

insurance (usually 80% of $720 = $576

and their cheques wlll be held uncashed

unti four weeks after the program so they

ca get their reimbursement requests submitted.                                 

Acupuncture fees are also waived for fellow health care providers.

All arrangements concerning billing and cost are administered by one of our program administration directors, Your experience of AcuDestress begins with an individual intake visit of one hour, which is  covered by OHIP fully and approximately 90% by the Régie de l’assurance maladie de
Québec.  After your intake appointment you decide whether to attend. Our program coordinator,  Nancy Defalco Bailey is at 613-319-6759.  Nancy also handles payments and insurance receipts. Visit our APPOINTMENTS PAGE  with remaining questions and to book your intake date/time and our Frequently Asked Questions page for further inquiries. Please do not expect Dr. Bailey or Nancy to become involved in negotiating with insurers or in matters of reimbursement of fees. We have tried this before without any results at all. Please do not request us to intervene on your behalf. We’d like to but it doesn’t work.

Nancy (or in some cases others from out office) handles all fee matters, and issues all receipts and makes your appointments with Dr. Bailey. If you have been under the impression that fees will be waived in your case (as they are in cases of patients of the Ottawa Community Health Centres) make sure to mention this to Rita, as she may otherwise expect that you are a paying attendee. as we have several different arrangements with patients due to fee matter discussed above, don’t be surprised if inadvertently you are asked to pay while being exempt. Sometimes it happens. We’ll correct it when it does. ACUDESTRESS separately from acupuncture, involves two types of service - group and individual psychotherapy which are paid for in full by provincial health plans (Ontario and most other provinces) or in part (Quebec) AND acupuncture, for which patents pay - but which is increasingly covered by employer-provided supplemental health plans, or by the recipients themselves where possible. A few patients are regularly treated, by special arrangement, each group session without paying out-of-pocket fees to come.

Due to the cost of providing this unique service, we can only forego acupuncture fees in a limited number of patients. Most patients, however, can be provided with a six month payment schedule if required.

Determine your payment status during a live conversation with one of our office personnel before arranging your first appointment. It is unpleasant to get a surprise after beginning treatment.  Keep in mind that we do not get paid by the provinces for acupuncture, yet we have the added cost of paying those who provide it.