AcuDestress is an effective stress management tool developed by Dr. Brian C. Bailey. It deepens  mindfulness and enhances neuroplasticity by using Dr. Michael O. Smith’s  5-point ear acupuncture - adding a recognized neuromodulator to transpersonal psychotherapy.



Jane Vance

at  613-319-6750 

or visit our  APPOINTMENTS PAGE to book an “intake” appointment with Dr. Brian C. Bailey, our COST Page for fees, and our Frequently Asked Questions page for further inquiries and program details. Jane Vance can also be reached on her cell phone at 613-798-6665 (leave a message)

Program at South East Ottawa Community Health Centre (SEOCHC) 1355 Bank St. across from Billings Bridge Shopping Centre. Register on the 6th floor, attend the group on 7th floor. Group/individual sessions telecast by Dr. Bailey on the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN).

For those who have already gained an experience of AcuDestress, you may like to visit our ongoing Journal called AFTERBURNER  CLICK HERE

Dr. Bailey has written a short book The Magic of AcuDetox Part 1. which explain what you might be interested in knowing before deciding to attend.

When you attend  the first group session  we can assist you to build a personal workbook. Our confidential passworded  patients-only web site,    is a day-by-day,  in-depth explanation of  each session’s application of AcuDestress. At your first group session a User ID and Password is provided. Subsequently, if you have to miss a session, the page for that day will make it easier to catch up.


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