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Program held at South East Ottawa Community Health Centre (SEOCHC) at 1355 Bank St. (see picture) across from Billings Bridge Shopping Centre. Register on the 6th floor, attend on 7th floor. Program held on the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN).



11:30 and 4:30


starting Monday January 22nd

Four Weeks

Monday to Friday


Monday April 2

to Friday April 27


Your decision whether to attend AcuDestress begins with an 45-60 minute individual intake visit, covered by OHIP and the Régie de l’assurance maladie de Québec.) After your intake
appointment you’ll decide, on your own, whether to attend.

Register and schedule your intake with client coordinator,  Nancy Defalco Bailey  at 613-319-6750           


Nancy also handles payments, exemptions from payment and insurance receipts. Call Nancy or visit our APPOINTMENTS PAGE  with program content questions, our COST Page for fees, and our Frequently Asked Questions page for further inquiries.

At times the main phone is answered by our staff member, Jane Vance, who also works with patients who have completed the program, and manages appointments during the program. Jane can be reached at

613-798-6665 (leave a message)


AcuDestress deepens  mindfulness and enhances neuroplasticity by using Dr. Michael O. Smith’s AcuDetox 5-point ear acupuncture - adding a recognized neuromodulator to two already effective modalities - and resulting in a highly effective stress management tool...

Click here to initiate your in-depth learning about AcuDestress, online, from The Magic of AcuDetox Part 1.  AcuDestress’ use of

5-point ear acupuncture is explained. After your reading, and your intake session, make a choice.

Journal of the Continuing AcuDestress Journey

If you’ve been to an AcuDestress program previously, stay connected with us by clicking HERE for AFTERBURNER - our six year follow-up journal.


Our patients-only private web site, is a day-by-day,  in-depth explanation of  each session’s application of AcuDestress. At your first group session a User ID and Password is provided. Subsequently, if you miss a session, the page for that day will fill you in.