One of the mechanisms for giving the jet airplanes more power is to piggyback a second fuel-burning mechanism on the original (or 1st stage) engine thrust, by reigniting the excess fuel.  The 2nd stage engines are called AFTERBURNERSAcuDetox is like a 1st stage engine which burns brightly for 3 weeks -  and produces a result which is initially small and fledgling. The period of time after the 3 weeks of AcuDetox  is seen as self-propelling,  but we can add to it,  and since one of our brainstem,  limbic brain,  or cerebral cortex  will now be freed up to enhance our spontaneity and flexibility and resilience,  and since these changes are somewhat “ clunky” in the beginning,  it helps clarify them if we put them in words. In AFTERBURNER  I’d love to intersperse my post-AcuDetox essays with yours!
Completing your AcuDestress   three week session,  opens the door to a new conversation,  a transpersonal conversation for which I use the symbol ( on the left)  of the labyrinth,  a right brain meditative-at-times approach to forward movement, differing from, and ultimately more powerful than our usual defence-oriented left brain approach.  Enjoy!
A journal in which to share authorship