QUESTION: Can you explain why a few people complain, in the early going, about the changes they are experiencing? Is this temporary?

ANSWER: More than two thirds of the people receiving ear acupuncture for stress management immediately like what is happening to them as it unfolds. A smaller-than-one-third segment begin to grouse and complain, and usually they take their complaints outside of the therapy room. This is disconcerting even if it is understandable. We know to expect this segment, and we know precisely why it happens. It's part of that process that allows us to understand how AcuDestress works.

The segment of our constituency which has been used to controlling their environment and moving against stress rather than towards or away from it, is a smaller part of our intake. People who are used to controlling things don't see much use for therapy, as they imagine it will be givIng away control to others. And we don't see much sense and that.

So often these people will have a moment of softening. Temporarily they feel wonderful because in that moment they're not under stress and feel no pressure. But after they begin to think about it, the idea of losing their ability to control situations around feels threatening. They are not likely to complain directly about it. Rather they are more likely to steel themselves against it, and complain to others that we are doing the wrong thing. We are not doing the wrong thing. They need the softness. But they also need to test out that they can live with it and thrive with it. Our job is to get them to test it out. Having been at least somewhat reassured, we expect they will open themselves to it again, and when they do they will generally change your mind tell you they like it. But if they take it outside his room, and especially if they find a sympathetic ear, their defending against the process is augmented. As we are on the lookout for this, we are often able to address it ourselves and nip it in the bud by setting up a way for them to experiment with it safely until they come to like it.