QUESTION: Is it normal or abnormal for a patient undergoing AcuDestress to be somewhat confused and a little "out of it" at times?

ANSWER: At a certain point, in the middle of their treatment, some of their old dysfunctional coping  mechanisms have been eroded, and they have not yet been replaced by new capacities. What is seen as discombobulation reads like confusion, but really, it’s healthy flux. We talk to the patients a lot about this, so they don't expect it to be different, but that doesn't stop them from asking questions about it. It is the nature of AcuDestress that this phase occurs. If it didn't we wouldn't be getting any results.

As we recognized this happening as an interim state, leading to a state of greater clarity, we became aware, newly, of  the verb bobulate, which is sometimes what we tell our patients is what happens with  ear acupuncture:



1. The opposite of discombobulate. To compose, or to leave confusion.  

  1. 2.To leave a state of bewilderment and enter a state of rightness.

  2. 3. To full on thrash befuddlement.

"After a slight mix up I was able to full on bobulate with 'Nicksters at the record label."