Dedicated to those who have learned the “magic” and have shared it generously with others ...

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Dr. H.L. Wen M.D. 

Michael Smith M.D., D. Ac . 

The book you are about to read could not have been written even a year ago – because a year ago I believed that the contribution which made AcuDetox into AcuDestress was sufficiently personal that it had to be  delivered in person - by me or by someone with the breadth of experience I’ve had. I’ve since changed my mind.

I now find myself focussing  on the remarkable steps forward  taken by  so many of our clients in last year, and I realize that the impetus for change does not rest with the provider as a psychotherapist – but with the client as the new person they have become.

I overestimated my own importance in the matter. The more I learned about the “magical” power that AcuDetox represents, and the secrets it has given up to us, the more I came to believe  that my real task was to write about them clearly, and that you’d do the rest.  And I believe you will.

And so, I bid you a good hunting!