One of the group locations is the Surround Circle Yoga studio - in the community hall of Bank St.’s Southminster United Church  entering by the rear entrance on Galt St. 


Maureen Fallis is the lead yoga teacher and owner at Surround Circle Yoga. Maureen will be sharing the direction of AcuDestress sessions with Dr. Brian Bailey M.D. and running her own sessions in the near future. Maureen spent a large portion of her time in 2012-13 learning, shadowing and integrating her own experience of AcuDestress and gaining her ADS certification to perform AcuDetox acupuncture from NADA. Since yoga and Acudestress share many similar dynamics, this is a natural direction for Maureen to expand her talents and a natural direction for yoga students to expand their own experience into stress management on the mental-intuitive-spiritual plane. 


Southminster United Church is at the corner of Bank St. and Colonel By Drive (Bank St. Exit) kitty-corner to Lansdowne Park and Frank Clair Stadium on the other (north) side of the Rideau Canal.  While the “official” address is 15 Aylmer Avenue, Surround Circle Yoga is reached (see below) from the back of the church, on Galt St. (Parking is free along the left side of back of the church from the lamp post going north. From the lamp post south is reserved parking. Parking is free at the church, when available, and on Aylmer Ave.)

On entering, come up the stairs in front of you. The Surround Circle Yoga Studio is well marked and is located up the stairs on the second floor (Room 5 or Room 6.) A public washroom is seen nearby. Signs are good. You should not get lost.

Your Appointment

If you have been given an intake or out-take appointment, an individual appointment with Dr. Bailey, chances are that someone will have an appointment before you. Look through the window of the door to the Surround Circle Yoga Studio, which will tell you if there is already an appointment in progress. Some appointments take longer that scheduled (yours could be that way too) and we choose to proceed until an appropriate time for a break occurs. Usually your appointment will occur within 15 minutes of when it was scheduled. If you are waiting, knock to let me know you have arrived then wait in the room next door, or the cloakroom or the church library, which are often available. Relax! Make yourself comfortable. Your time will come. We welcome you!