One of the group locations is the Southeast Ottawa Community Health Centre at 1355 Bank St. 6th floor


Southeast Ottawa Community Health Centre is at the southeast corner of Bank St. and Riverside Drive on the opposite side of Bank St. from Billings Bridge Shopping Plaza. Parking around the building is paid parking  during  daytime hours, including appointment hours and group session hours. While we cannot actually advise you to park across the street at Billings Bridge Shopping Plaza the parking there us free. Southeast Ottawa Community Health Centre has a parking arrangement for its patients at the building if you sign up for it in advance.

Here you see the building where Southeast Ottawa Community Health Centre is located in the middle ground looking east towards Bank St. between the Macdonald’s at Billings Bridge and an apartment building in the background.


On entering, take the elevator on the left to the 6th floor. Getting off the elevator, there is a reception area in the right. Ask to be seen by the AcuDestress team.  

Your Appointment

If you’ve been given an intake or out-take appointment, an individual appointment with Dr. Bailey, chances are that someone will have an appointment before you. Some appointments take longer that scheduled (yours could be that way too) and we choose to proceed until an appropriate time for a break occurs. Usually your appointment will occur within 15 minutes of when it was scheduled. Let the reception person know you have arrived. Relax! Make yourself comfortable. Your time will come. We welcome you!

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